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Clinical Director


Camp Takoda

Brandon Heugly, LCSW, has been working with Camp Takoda from the very beginning in 2008. As the clinical director, he continues to provide evidence based interventions for the best interest of the children and counselors. Brandon is dedicated to providing the most loving and self-esteem boosting experience for all of the children that participate in Camp Takoda. Brandon received his undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Utah in Psychology and Social Work.He enjoys trampolines and singing and of course YOGA!  

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  • Comprehensive Intake Interview to establish goodness of fit for the family.
  • Development of the child's problem solving and social skills, and of the social awareness necessary to enable him/her to get along better with other children.
  • Improvement of the child's learning skills and academic performance.
  • Development of the child's abilities to follow instructions, to complete tasks that he/she commonly fails to finish, and to comply with adults' requests.
  • Improvement of the child's self-esteem by developing competencies in areas necessary for daily life, such as interpersonal, recreational, academic, and other task-related areas.
  • Instruction of parents in how to develop, reinforce, and maintain these positive changes.
  • If appropriate, evaluation of the effects of medication on the child's academic and social functioning in a natural setting.Type your paragraph here.
  • School Consultation and continued parent support groups throughout the year
  • Daily Anecdotal and Numerical data on your child's performance.